Interview with Karina


 Already one of the most integral artists within The Zoo Project and an avid collector and player of all things vinyl, Karina is here to make her mark. Originally hailing from Norway she currently spends her winters in Berlin and her summers in Ibiza. An ideal solution for her innovative and forward thinking mind, with Berlin fueling her creative side and influencing her in the way only Berlin can, and Ibiza home to some of the best clubs in Europe where she has the task of playing and fulfilling each summer.

The Clubbing Bible Crew met up with Karina in Berlin and asked her a few questions regarding her music, Ibiza and future plans.

Hello Karina! It’s a pleasure to finally be able to conduct this interview with you! Please tell us how did you get involved with electronic music in the first place?
K: Since early days I was playing the piano and guitar and my parents are both violinists so seems like I had no other choice! I’ve studied economics and political science but already during my high school years I came to Ibiza and fell in love with house music. It was 1999 and I went to a big MTV event where I saw Frankie Knuckles, Faithless and David Morales perform and I remember thinking- this is what I want to do! As I returned back to Norway I bought my first pair of Technics decks and started buying vinyl.

How would you describe the style of music that you play?
K: The first record I bought was a Wave release- Blue6 -“Sweeter love”. That’s a very beautiful San Francisco chunky house record! Now years later I really like to play a syncretic set consisting of new and old- from disco, through minimal house to deep techno. I’m also collecting a lot of jazz, rock and disco. The music I play on the night depends on the venue, on the crowd and obviously on my mood. I never plan what I will do! It magic that just happens.

The Zoo Project has grown and become one of the best open air parties on ibiza. How do you as a resident see that changing?
K: I love to play at The Zoo Project, regardless what stage. All the hard work of the team has paid off and yes- it was for sure much more busy this year, also thanks to The Zoo Project Festival in Midlands. The performance is really changing and entertaining too! Its just a  magical playground!  I’m already excited for the next season!

If you would go out in Ibiza, apart from The Zoo Project- where would that be?
K: Personally I really like Underground in san rafael. it’s such an amazing venue with great sound system and cool crowd. It’s not of the huge club, it’s got a nice garden patio with bars and is a great hangout place as doesn’t get so busy. For years I was working for Cocoon Ibiza and some of my favorite artists have been showcased on Monday nights in Amnesia, so I also like to pay that place a visit- to go dancing to the likes of Ricardo Villalobos.

You spend the winters in Berlin. What do you find most inspiring there?
K: Since I came to Berlin first time at the end of the 90′s I’ve always felt like it’s a familiar place. It’s cosmopolitan, but not too big, so everything is really easy. I love the many thai restaurants, the grafitti art on the walls and the many record shops, where you can find gold! It’s very inspiring as there are many clubs where you can listen to the most incredible artists every weekend.

What are the three favorite countries you have played this year?
That’s always a tough question to answer! I would say Club der Visionaire in Berlin, The Grand in Cape Town and then I had a really fun weekend at Watergate in Berlin and Bau Bar in Wroclaw, Poland.

Are you working on your own music? What do you think about the software vs hardware?
K: I believe that music is music, you can make it with anything as long as you know how to make it sound good. I love the analog sounds of machines but If you know what you are doing you can achieve that quality with software as well. Since a few years I’ve been busy in the studio and you can expect a few releases coming out on vinyl in the next couple of months.

We wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to hear the upcoming releases!

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