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When line-ups and promoters jostle for Space in the clubbing world and the musical chairs of brands and venues starts at the end of the Ibiza season there will always be certain headlines that stick out from the crowd. Elrow moving to Space for a Saturday night slot was interesting enough in itself but pair the loud mouthed Barca youngster up with the slick styling of that of Kehakuma and it had people taking notice. When promoting an event brands need to work together and complement each other as to not stand on each others toes but at the same time allow a positive synergy to bloom. So were we about to witness a clubbing Yin & Yang? Well I was going to be there to find out that was for sure!

On entering the already busy venue fairly late on in proceedings I was faced with a massive x-ray machine that you see on airports adorning the entrance to the sunset terrace where a sexy spanish heavy crew bounced about to the already up tempo tunes. To most people that would seem odd but to anyone whos has been part of an Elrow event will know that is just the beginning of the weirdness. Passing through quickly into the main Discoteca to witness the madness that was unfolding we were greeted by a very much lighter space than the usual rave cave feel that is usually present.

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Lots of fluro and everywhere you looked were props. Massive airplanes and other aviation themed creative pieces dripped of every corner as the usual massive fancy dress characters weaved through the crowd spinning out any Elrow virgins. I was interviewed by a fake film crew at one point and im pretty sure I spotted a huge oversized passport dancing about at one point under a huge departure board. Standard Elrow lunacy.  

I decied to give my senses a little break from the overload of mayhem and check out the Terrace where the Kehakuma crew were taking up the reigns belting out the finest house and techno to a classy educated audience. Mr G was doing his live set and his energy in the both was second to none feeling every high hat and kick drum, peaking on every breakdown with some crazy assed dance moves. It was good to see a performer really getting into the music as much as the 19 year old hyper clubber on the dance floor in a world where djs often stand statue like for 2 hours and can almost suck the energy from you as you wonder how the manage to resist the beats.

The controversial and pin up girl of the female DJ circuit Nina Kravitz was up next and took no time in laying down her sound coming in with a crispy tech number to start the adoring expectant crowd off. After this came a fairly relentless barrage of rolling techno and tech cuts with the lighting taking a definite tempo shift adding to the growing visual energy.

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A quick dip back into the main room around 5am was perfect timing as the famous inflatable toy drop occurring leading to a dance floor riot as people scrambled for their lives to grab soft hammers, hats and glasses. Now this was carnage in a big way as the freakishly dressed crowd jumped to the fun tech sound around them and ice canons blasted and confetti filled the air. Absolute fun, yes. Absolute madness, always.

On paper this looks like a very odd union but in reality it was one that worked in only a way Ibiza could manage. You need to witness this unique party for the inflatables for the pool if nothing else!

El Row Kehakuma

Words: Saul Bliss

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